Vape Master Flavors

    Vape Master Red Line is a smooth enjoyable tobacco taste with a subtle hint of sweet honey and vanilla essence. It’s mellow flavors are pleasing for your palate and senses.

    The Vape Master Black line is a bold, rich Cuban flavor that is familiar for those that are used to the highly seasoned flavors of a robust Cigar.

    The full-bodied vapor complements the flavor by adding to the authenticity of a true cigar. Unlike a traditional cigar, these flavors will not be masked by tar or tobacco, but rather intensified due to the pure nicotine and water vapor.

    Advantages of Disposables

    The Vape Master disposable ecigar is in a league of its own. We have crafted an ecigar that mimics the experience of smoking a traditional cigar without the negative effects. We have engineered the best of the best to bring you two palatable flavors in our Vape Master disposable line that look and feel like a traditional cigar. The experience of vaping our ecigar makes the switch easy for you and the money you save makes it easy on your wallet! Each disposable is 1,000 puffs which is equivalent to about 10 traditional cigars. That’s only $2 per cigar!


    • Soft Tip

      Appealing to a wide market of those that prefer a soft moistened tip of traditional cigars, we have made our Vape Master Ecigar with a high quality soft tip allowing that chewing habit to be carried through with your vaping experience.
    • Ecigar Body

      Replicating the appearance of shade grown cigar tobacco leaves our Ecigar bodies have a smooth tobacco leaf finish. For our cigar connoisseurs we paid attention to the little things down to the very detail of the leaf veins of a traditional cigar wrapper. The closer we can replicate our Ecigar to your favorite cigar, the better the vaping experience will be for you. Our Vape Masters are easy and ready to use right out of the package.
    • LED

      An amber LED will glow while you vape replicating the deep burning ash of your traditional cigar.