Vape Master Rechargeable Ecigar Kit

Rechargeable Ecigar Kit

The Ecigar Kit contains an intricately crafted rechargeable cigar body and replaceable cartomizer that allows you to enjoy the satisfaction of a true cigar, uninhibited. The body and cartridges are perfectly designed to simulate the texture and feel of an authentic leaf wrap.Branded with our signature Vape Master logo and topped off with an ash tip filter covering a red LED light, this unit creates the ultimate cigar experience without the smoke or ash. The Ecigar Kit inlcudes one of our Red Label cartridges for a touch of mild sweetness and a bold Cubanna Black Label for a strong and robust flavor. Attach the cartomizer to your charged cigar body and enjoy luxury made simple. Kit Includes: 1 Cigar Battery 2 Cigar Cartromizers 18 mg (Red Label, Black Label) 1 Charger 1 User's Manual

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